• Smart Content Management for 2022

    Consulting for Process Optimization and Information Governance in the Construction Space

  • Enterprise Content Management Technology

    Leveraging ECM technology can create process improvement and solve business problems throughout your entire organization.

    ECM technology is a system solution that can work in the forefront or the background to manage all of an organization's documents. Different than a network drive, ECM maintains an intelligent interface by utilizing metadata allowing those in the construction space to develop effective ways to streamline business processes and access documents in remote locations all while taking risk off the table.


    Software that can be configured to your organizational processes.

    • Improve productivity on the job site and in the office
    • Maintain regulatory compliances and govern sensitive information
    • Secure content with document level permissions allowing the right people to access the appropriate documents when and where they need it
    • Improve version control on drawing and quickly identify associated documents
    • Create workflow and electronic forms that integrate with your other technology
    • Stop using email as a workflow tool
    • Eliminate the redundant, obsolete and trivial content (ROT) from your repositories 
    • Easily identify the document of truth
    • Make audits, billing backup, discovery and project close out painless
    •  Capture information off documents and utilize that data for business intelligence
    • Safeguard by creating record retention rules and maintaining records management
    More Reasons to Switch from Paper to Electronic Automation

    Why is it people stay with paper? It's usually because paper is our comfort zone.


    According to INC Magazine:

    • It costs $20 to file a document,
    • Or $120 to search for a misfiled document, and, if you can’t find it..
    • It costs approximately $250 to recreate a lost document.

    The key benefits that create ROI when going paperless are:

    • Triples processing capacity (Gartner Report)
    • Increases productivity up to 50% (IDC)
    • Creates immediate access to decision-critical data
    • Reduces storage space cost by up to 80%
    • Utilizing ECM frees up server and cloud storage by 35% or more
  • Processes

    Construction faces unique content management challenges but there are solutions.

    AP Invoice Capture, Routing and Approval

    Automating your procure to pay process by integrating your content management solution with your ERP.

    • Intelligent capture of invoices using AI and Machine Learning
    • Eliminate double keying
    • Grab that line item detail with OCR/AI
    • Commitment pull 
    • Always know where that invoice is in the approval process
    • Ease the burden of collecting receivers
    • 2-3 way match made simple
    • Access to your invoice and receiver directly from the ERP record
    • Quick view to the vendor compliance documents
    • Mobile invoice approval
    • Catching those pay-on-time discounts by setting up notifications if an invoice has been lingering too long
    Additional Benefits of Automation for AP
    • Operations can add a new vendor and/or create a purchase order using an electronic form streamlining the process
    • Expense management and approval workflow
    • Check approval made electronic; no more baskets of invoices and paper-clipped checks
    •  Ease the burden substantially of audit and billing backup

    Contract Management Lifecycle

    Contracts in one place, compliance documents in another can be a problem.

    • Manage a library of approved contracts. Ensure that the correct version is being used.
    • Draft, negotiate, review and approve contracts while keeping an audit trail of changes. 
    • Setting up notifications if the contract remains unsigned or not delivered.  Do you have the vendors insurance documents, lien waivers, and bond documents? Contract Management workflow can let you know what's missing.  
    • Notification that a contract or associated document is about to expire.
    • Provides easy access to all related documents.

    Project Management

    Concentrate on the project. Don't worry about the documents. Content Management technology has your back.

    • Secure the project files with structured and making documents easy to retrieve with metadata.
    • Keeping operations working in their preferred software while automatically capturing the documents into a main repository.
    • Not using a PM solution and storing everything in your P-Drive (Network Drive). Content management is by no means a replacement for project management technology but it can assist you until you are ready.  Store those Daily Reports, Submittals, Meeting Minutes and all your pre-project documents. Estimating worksheets can be fairly large. Photographs and media can be captured, tagged and classified by project. 
    • There are better options than email for workflow, but if you insist, content management solutions can work with that too. It can tag and store project related emails without changing what you do today.
    • Latency in the field is never good. Neither is attempting to retrieve a document when you don't have connection. Content management software is designed to make those problems a thing of the past.
    • Are you required to use a GC's or Owner's PM/Collaborative tool?  What if you get "shut off" at the end of the project. Secure your documents by importing them into your content management solution.

    Human Resources and Safety

    Risk, Compliance and so many forms.

    • Eliminate paper based employee files
    • Onboarding workflow that reaches everyone from payroll, HR, IT and and the Superintendents. Exit workflow to ensure that all equipment has been returned.
    • Ability to retrieve all content on a single employee OR access all the I-9's in the company with a single search request 
    • Set automatic reminders of future employee certifications  or documentation renewal such as a driver's license.
    • Payroll can access what payroll requires all while keeping other sensitive information secure
    • Meet all HIPAA guidelines by managing a secure HR repository
    • Create Safety and QA forms that can be filled out in the field on a mobile device and secured in the repostory

    Records Management and Information Governance

    Developing a record retention policy and creating information governance

    • Creation of a records retention and information governance policy
    • Utilizing of electronic signatures for secure and auditable tracking
    • Record retention and defensible destruction
    • Automating employee company policy distribution
    Regulatory requirements:
    • GDPR
    • Sarbanes-Oxley
    • Regulations #302 & 404
    • DoD 5015.2 (records management standards)
    • ISO 15489
    • HIPAA (health insurance)
    • Gram Leach
    • CCPA
    • Other SEC Guidelines
  • Services

    Strategic information management without disruption



    Asking the right questions, and understanding the concerns of your team, enables us to make the right decisions specific to your organization. Taking a few hours with each department, will provide a holistic view of your organization.


    Deliverables could include:


    Benchmark Analysis: How well are you using your current technology? Is it a good fit for your company and compatible with other software commonly used. Is your current solution (or lack of one) putting your organization at risk?


    Strategy and Roadmap: This could be migrating to a different platform, content clean-up, mobile/remote access, reducing risk and how to move towards process improvement without disruption.


    Business Case Development: Preparing to request the budget and internal resources needed.


    Information Governance: Record retention policy assistance. Privacy and compliance.


    Technology Recommendations: Wondering if you should stay on-prem or head to the cloud? Are you seeing latency in the field? Are you providing the right mobile solutions? Or can you simply use the software and technology you have better?





    Specialized in content-based applications specific to construction.


    Being familiar with what most vendors have to offer and understanding the budget are critical to making the right selection. Since I am without any affiliation to one vendor you can expect an objective recommendation of content management technology based upon your organizations requirements. Let's make sure you land up in the right fit for your team.


    Picking a solution can be overwhelming. Having a demonstration agenda along with process examples is helpful to provide to your vendor so you don't end up with a canned demo and room of frustrated individuals. It's easy to be distracted by all the shiny objects your sales person is demonstrating. Asking the right questions is critical to ensure adoption.


    Selection is not all about the technology. Does this vendor understand your business? Can they provide the professional services your team needs?


    Calculating the ROI on an enterprise, long-term project can be daunting. I can provide a 5 year cost analysis and help you manage your ROI effectively.


    Implement and Adoption

    Software deployments and process improvement can be challenging to navigate internally.


    Environment decisions: Cloud-based, On-Premise, Hybrid; Which is best for you? Could depend on current solutions and integration expectations.


    Build your information architect focusing on organizing, structuring and labeling of content.


    Plan the scope ahead of time. Scope creep is real and you if you eat the elephant you will get a tummy ache.


    You may not want to start with your biggest pain point but with a process that effects many and is easier to adopt.


    Create process workflows prior to building; identify the current issues the are not working and allow for change.


    Consult vendors about their professional services team. Construction companies usually have small IT departments so we need their help in getting this done right.


    Creating a timeline and reasonable roll-out and keeping to it.


    Migration from another storage solution.


    Testing guidelines to keep the project moving forward.


    Training organization, videos and manuals because change, even when it's for the better, it can be hard.


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    I have been assisting companies in the construction space with information management for several years. I have a strong understanding on how complex the processes can be and how many documents a company can generate on even just one job. I believe in getting to know your company and your team to understand your business and lead you to the best possible solution for your organization.


    Before working in the construction industry, I dedicated myself to supply chain for 22 years working at the corporate level supporting family owned businesses.


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